Supplements are vital for a complete wellness program.  Every person is individualized just as their supplemental program is, however there are Core products that every person at the age of 18 and above can benefit from.   Our core products consist of: Phosphomega -3 which is a exclusive patented process that is up to 50 times the absorption over triglyceride fish oils.  The Phosphomega- 3 is clinically studied for healthy heart, brain, skin, immune, and nervous system support.  The Daily Enfusion benefits over 50 vitamins, minerals and other nutrients for sustained energy.  It aslo supports the immune, bone, metabolism and overall health. Daily Enfusion is like a loaded multi vitamin.  Cal-Mag supports joint and bone health as well as aid in PMS for women.  Pro - Flora Concentratebenefits digestive and immune health.  To find out the key supplement program for you please call to schedule a Acpuncture treatment and or a Supplemental/Herbal consultation today.

Core Products:

EurOmega-3 extract from Salmon, 50 times more absorbable than fish oils $44.99

Daily Enfusion-Natural way to increase energy, reduce stress, and help you sleep more soundly. Effectively treats chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia symptoms. 1 drink equals 35 pills! $50

Pro Pro Flora Advantage 5 billion CFU( making this the strongest of the probiotics) of an exclusive blend of probiotics.  When taken daily, it helps promote digestive function and support immune system health, as well as relieve occasional gas, bloating and indigestion. $60

Pro Flora Concentrate provides an exclusive blend of human strain, broad spectrum probiotics selected for their ability to tolerate harsh intestinal environments, and successfully adhere to the intestinal wall for long term colon health. $49.99

Pro Flora Immune contains powerful probiotic bacteria and FerriGuard brand lactoferrin, a naturally occurring protein that supports healthy immune responses.  This immune-strengthening formula balances and strengthens the immune system. $20

Pro Flora Children Designed for children of all ages four and older, this unique formula provides an exclusive probiotic blend that supports digestive and immune health in an even smaller, easy to swallow capsule.  In fact 100% of kids were able to swallow the capsule.  $16.50

Extreme Slimming Coffee- Helps curb appetite and increases metabolism $49.99

Vitamin D3 5,000 benefits ,skin teeth, and bone health as well as boost the immune system and help with moods.  It comes in a chocolate chewable or softgel form

Argentyn 23- Professional Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol benefits immune building, antibacterial, anti fungal and anti viral, but promotes life.  Safe for the whole family. $83.99 160z.

Argentyn 23 First Aid Gel 2oz $22.95(homeopathic gel that helps with anything from acne to bites, stings and rashes as well as any type of skin or nail infection).

Argentyn 23 Nasal Spray 2oz $22.95( treats sinus or nasal infections)

Argentyn 23 Fine Mist Spray $22.95 (treats throat, respiratory, mouth and gum health)

Argentyn 23 Dropper $22.95

Advanced Hearthburn Rescue- Complete, long lasting heart burn relief, and restores digestive function 30softgels $19.95

Cortisol Manager-  Regulates blood sugar metabolism, maintenance of blood pressure levels, establishes healthy immune system function, reduces stress, relieves occasional sleeplessness and fatigue. Cortisol Manager is safe and natural formula.90 Tablets $65 30 Tablets $24.40

Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan- Chinese herbal formula to help relieve symptoms of hot flashes, night sweats,insomnia and it also benefits the kidneys and bones. $31.50 (month supply)

Pe Min Gan Wam- Chinese herbal formula to help with sinus pressure, congestion, headaches related to the sinuses and alleviate symptoms of allergies. $36.75(month supply)

Curaphen- Naturally relieves pain and inflammation anywhere in the body. It also has anti-cancer properties.60 cap $34.99

120 cap $64.99