Tara’s acupuncture treatments provide dramatic and almost instant relief from my Fibromyalgia pain. Overtime the treatments have helped reduce my chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms. I have gradually become stronger and able to participate in more activities of daily life. Tara and her staff are caring and friendly, and great at scheduling appointments when most needed. – Anonymous

Cluster headaches. The headaches stopped immediately. The symptoms associated with my headaches are disappearing one by one. The only one remaining is the tingling in my scalp. -Anonymous

Arthritis pain in neck, shoulder, and arm. Arm pain is pretty much gone and neck pain is usually less severe. -Joan Craig 9-1-15

I actually won one (or 2?) treatments in a raffle! At the time I was feeling tired all the time-no energy. I also had Tara treat me for anxiety, which is something I’ve had to deal with my whole life. ( I’ve never taken anything for it, though). The first thing I noticed was an increase in energy. Then, gradually started to notice the level of anxiety go down. Tara recommended I try “Calm”, a powder that you mix with water… it actually works. She said it often has an immediate effect, and for me, it does. It works wonders. -Anonymous